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Whatever issues you’re having with your garage door, our experienced team at Keen Garage Doors Company can provide Garage Door Repairs. Therefore you’ll be up & running again quickly, plus regular maintenance is an option as well.

Whatever your requirements are …

can maintain or repair your residential or commercial door

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We can install from new build through to replacement with a variety of options to suit you. In other words if your garage door repair is unrepairable or not cost effective, we can supply you a new garage door. 


From rolling entries to security shutters, whatever your requirements we can do it.

Not only has KEEN GARAGE DOORS CO. been INSTALLING high-quality DOORS since 2015, but we also offer GARAGE DOOR repairs & Maintenance service

Customer service has always been a priority to KEEN Garage Door Co., & part of this service has to be that we are there for our customers. We’re not just here to sell you a garage door & then have nothing more to do with you. We’re here all the time, even if you have a problem. Therefore, this means if you get an issue, or something breaks down we’ll be there ASAP to get you up & running.

Residential Garage Door Repairs

Residential garage doors are the largest moving part in your home. So in other words, if your car or cars are in the garage & you can’t get the door open, you have a big problem.

Commercial Rolling Door Repairs

Now imagine commercial doors that can be five or six times as big as residential garage doors with loaded trucks needing access but can’t. In other words, the business grinds to a halt.

Our technicians have been rigorously trained for just these scenarios, they will be able to do the right this first time & hopefully get it resolved in the shortest amount of time.

KEEN Garage Door Co., is a full-service garage door contractor, fully licensed, bonded & insured for your protection.

As we are approved with the major manufacturers of doors, it therefore means that we have access to an extensive range of parts for all Garage Door Repairs & in addition any commercial door repair whoever the manufacturer is.


no job too small

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We’re ready to assist you with any of your door requirements.

No Garage Door Repair job is too big or small whether it’s a simple garage door tune-up, a retention of garage door spring or a completely new door installation, contact us today.

KEEN Garage Door Co. is approved with these major manufacturers of Garage Doors

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